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Prep Blog
« on: November 12, 2009, 03:39:03 PM »
I thought I'd share one of the posts from my blog. I left it in it's original form, not intending to take away from Jack, just inform.

12 November 2009
Walk the walk & Talk the Talk

I hear from people all the time that they would like to get together with other like minded people and learn more about preparedness. This was the talk on the "Prepper Podcast" this week.
I remember wishing for this thing, but for some reason, any meet ups were at a restraunt at night. I decided to just do it myself....yeah, I'm a Mom and a wife, that's the story of our lives! lol Seriously, it wasn't that hard to do and you can do one in your area.
I have a place in the boonies, so it's very easy, but there is absolutely no reason that it can't be done anywhere. Planning and getting everyone involved is the key to making it work. I refuse to waste people's time, so we work to spend every minute talking about things that are important. Along the way, we have all grown but putting outselves out, researching a topic and then sharing it with the others.
The same "just do it" theory, applies to all aspects of prepping. The time for talk is over. You need to go to the store and by food. You need to clean out those soda bottles and refill them with water. You needto not pick up a movie this weekend and instead, pick up a book on some skill like gardening or canning or raising chickens. You need to "just do it".
One thing that makes your emergency plans work best is to practice. They say the practice makes perfect, so plan a "practice emergency". Turn off the electricity to your home this weekend (or next) and practice using your preps. Involve the entire family and have them tell you what they thought about where the holes in your preps were. Do you have enough batteries? Do you know where all the flashlights and candles are? Is everyone proficient in lighting lanterns and a fire in the woodstove or fireplace? Use your prep food and see what the family likes or dislikes.
Did you get bored? If so, what suggestions does everyone have to fix that? Perhaps a box of board games can by put together.
By practicing, it makes everyone a part of the plan AND the solution. When people practice, they not only learn, but they become more confident.