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(emphasis added)

WTF is a tree warden?  And how exactly does the "air quality manager" manage the air? 

The Tree Warden or now called the "Urban Forester" basically tells you what trees you can plant in front of your house.  They "allow" you to purchase certain tree varieties from the city and explain to you how to care for them, and no I am not joking.  The Air Quality Manager is a requirement of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  Basically, neither position does anything but add to the bureaucracy.  A neighbor of mine worked on gutting an old house and rebuilding it.  Close to being finished he planted some trees in front of his house.  This brought the ire of the "Urban Forester", because they were not approved trees.  It is such a sick joke.  The city never assisted him in really rebuilding an old home that fell into disrepair, other than to soak him for building permits, and then when he has turned a blight into a nice property, they have the gall to chastise him over tree choice.  Completely senseless.

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If the unemployment rate is 50%, inflation is 70%, and people are hungry, even the sheeple will understand that having a "tree warden" was stupid.  They won't get the part about people in America having the liberty to plant any kind of tree they want on their property, but they will get that we can't afford stupidity like this. 

People have to be eating pinto beans before they'll understand how wasteful government has become.  Until then, it's "wouldn't it be nice to have a tree warden to help us."

But getting yourself, your family, and maybe even some others (charity) through the coming collapse is why we prep.  And jackasses like the professor/council member--and the monstrosity of government they have created--are why we need to prep.

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Tree warden:

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I'm thinking that if Haiti had a Tree Warden and an Air Quality Manager, then things would have turned out alright there. By the way, does a tree warden need a machete in doing his valuable job for humanity... Just sayin.....