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Survival Training Schools
« on: December 04, 2008, 09:33:31 AM »
A great list of Survival Schools around the states and some out of the country, each covering different aspects of survival from different schools of thought. Some of these are well know (Tom Brown, Cody Lundin) and some not.  I've been to schools geared toward the terrain and climate I live in and if you haven't attended a local survival course it can be eye opening on what you don't know about your own backyard and it's usefullness in a survival situation. Get to one, but do your research. There isn't much use in desert survival if you live in the mountains and don't travel often. Obviously there are universal survival skills that may apply to any climate or terrain but try to find one that would complement your immediate area.

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Re: Survival Training Schools
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OnPoint tactical is a good place to learn outdoor skills, tracking and counter tracking.

I've attended a couple tracking classes with them and their "Beyond SERE" class, all were very well done.

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Re: Survival Training Schools
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