Author Topic: Things to think about (and then do) before an international or interstate move  (Read 973 times)


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I'm planning an international move soon and I am contemplating my strengths and vulnerabilities as I prepare for this eventuality.  I have less than 6 months to go.  I resign myself to the fact that there is very little that I can do for the 48 or so hours that I'll be spending in the air, at airports, or in a city in which I have no relations, but open to suggestions. 

I'm slowly depleting our stores of food and personal items in our current residence and maintaining our small but productive garden.  I conservatively estimate that we have about 30 days of food in the garden and that this will remain the case until the day that we leave here, at which point the next resident will be able to take over at their leisure. 

I'll be keeping a small BBQ, gas cylinder, and 5 weeks of drinking water until the day we leave (disaster has a tendency of creeping up when you're least prepared). 

Before we leave we are planning on selling most of our personal effects, but as we will be returning here within a couple of years, I'm considering storing a few things here including:
- gardening tools
- basic mechanical tools including bike tools, saws, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets and the like dedicated to salvage such as tinsnips, hacksaws, soldering irons and solder
- a small box of books dedicated to self-sufficiency including food preservation, bicycle repair and maintenance, plant propagation, seed saving, home repair and building, gardening, woodwork, permaculture, card games, and a stack of self-sufficiency magazines - many of which I have acquired in anticipation of low-energy living but have not yet read...any other library recommendations?
- a stash of seeds - recommendations?
- data backup - CDs or USBs??
- an older laptop
- my two bicycles

I'm not that keen on getting rid of this stuff as I don't want to depend on the availability or price stability of this stuff on the days and weeks subsequent to returning home.

Advice on how best to store these things and other things to keep would be appreciated.  I'm trying to minimize storage space and maximize our ability to get our self-sufficiency up to speed should we return here to conditions (local, global, or otherwise) that are less than ideal. that's what I'm doing for the long-term outlook...but for the more pressing question...

What sorts of things should I be looking to do at our destination prior to arrival?  I have some friends and family that I can probably call on for keeping some stuff around for us in advance.  It is likely that within a month of arrival (after couch surfing) we will shack up in a (gasp) urban apartment that will meet our financial needs whilst we reside there.  I'm thinking that it might be useful to plan with friends/relatives in the more outlying areas in case we need to vacate the urban situation in the possible event of some disaster.  We're fortunate in that we have no debt and can probably spend a couple grand prior to arrival.  As I write this I find some answers coming to mind but would love to hear your thoughts.