Author Topic: At Nevada lab, US prepares response to nuke terror  (Read 953 times)

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At Nevada lab, US prepares response to nuke terror
« on: June 11, 2010, 05:00:18 AM »

From Chile to US: The myth of disaster-proof buildings

At Nevada lab, US prepares
response to nuke terror FBI: Mexicans chased away
US agents after shooting

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nevada — In an unremarkable building a short drive from the Las Vegas strip, government analysts hover over computer monitors, watching waves of color sweep over a map of a city.

The city is Washington, D.C. The hues represent the fallout from an imagined nuclear bomb.

It is from here, in a lab on the edge of the vast Nevada desert, that U.S. officials would gather some of the first critical information that could affect the lives of millions in the aftermath of a nuclear terrorist attack in an American city ... A rare tour inside
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Pa. nuclear drill reveals communication problems with Ohio and W.Va.

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Engineers consider nuclear bomb to stop oil leak

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