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Maps / Atlases
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:20:57 AM »
I just picked up the "The Roads of..." series books for Oklahoma and New Mexico, one of which we will have to drive through to get to our bug out property in Central Colorado.  I already have the Texas and Colorado editions.

Everyone who has any distance to drive to a BOL should have copies of either the Mapsco "The Roads of..." series or the Delorme "Atlas and Gazetteer" for the states they might have to travel.  You can make it looooong distances without ever having to get on an interstate or even a large state highway, but only if you know where the roads are.  Don't count on your GPS to tell you.  Standard Rand McNally maps are useless for anything but highway travel.

I like both series of books but I think The Roads of... books are a little clearer.   They are only available for a handful of states though.

The Atlas and Gazetteer series includes topographical information that might be useful under certain circumstances but none I can reasonably envision during a vehicular bugout.

Both series of books include tiny county roads, back roads, logging roads and roads otherwise unknown to anyone but locals.

Publisher links (all are also available on Amazon):

Atlas and Gazetteer...

The Roads of...