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Securing land
« on: February 25, 2010, 10:15:49 AM »
Land we are in the process of buying, which we are planting fruit trees, berries, garden etc and building on in about 3-5 years.  (It'll probably take that long for us to agree as to exactly what we want to build for a home anyway). 

We have friends in the area, their take is if we leave anything of value not nailed down while not living there, it will disappear. 

If we even put a camper/FEMA trailer or something inexpensive on the land and stayed overnight few times a week, theft is less likely, not sure we'd visit that often and would hate for camper to disappear.    Would be nice to have living space there, ups the getting started cost though.

Or we could put a conex storage building thingy with type of lock bolt cutters can't get through and store stuff there.   Or not store anything there and bring stuff with us when we visit.   I'm not against the used conex, but did request it get repainted. 

west and north side have creek, and thicker woods, no one driving onto property that way.   There is an asphalt drive on the north east corner of property that goes uphill to the more level area where well and septic sit.   south side of property, about 5 yards south of road is a dirt not official road, more like a road for loggers.   

Currently it looks like someone is visiting the land, using it for target practice.   We are looking at putting a gate across the property entrance and a fence on the south side.  Somewhat cleared area of property is on the south side and south of logging road is a neighbors 40 acres cleared land.   East, west, north all woods/creek.

There is a well, looking at protecting it and whatever we do for a pump.  Possibly build a larger well house over it, locking it.    Wonder how hard that would be to build from the conex, drilling out well hole in the bottom.  We don't want to do a solar pump for the well right now as we're afraid it would be something easy for others to take off with. 

One friend suggested clearing enough trees so one of the neighbors would see our place in their view and we could see them.  People less likely to mess with stuff if someone is watching.   

If I go out there during the day to work on the land by myself, my husband wants to know I'm safe.  My cell phone works there.  Couple of neighbors there few acres away.  I don't have a concealed carry, shouldn't need one on own land, but yes maybe I should carry something while out there.  Not just for people, but snakes, etc.  Carrying a gun around all the time isn't anywhere near the top of my list of things I'd like to do, but I will concede the point, better if I have one out there.  Just not thrilled with the idea.  My husband picked me up a Ruger SR9 with a very stiff trigger pull.  I have no fear of it accidentally going off, but I'm a much better shot with his favorite 45 because of the pull we are guessing, I prefer his Ruger 22 but he won't go for me carrying the 22.  Says nothing smaller than a 9mm.  He told me if I don't like the one he bought me, let him know what I want and he'll trade them out.   Thing is just having a gun and knowing how to shoot it isn't the same as being able to use it effectively if needed.

Wanting to keep costs down as much as possible while we finish paying off the land as quickly as possible. 
On fencing, as we will be cutting down some of the smaller oaks, etc so we can plant fruit trees, etc.  wondering if we could even use such as posts and barbed wires to fence the south side, some barbed wire fence already in place.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Securing land
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2010, 10:37:08 AM »
This is always a tough one for a family. If you do not live there, you will get visitors. My only suggestion is to put a small rental property on the land so that it is always occupied. Fencing, clearing, etc are good ideas but not foolproof. A human presence is always best, preferably someone you can trust. I would suggest a retired family member or the like. Nothing beats boots on the ground in securing property.

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Re: Securing land
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2010, 08:09:53 PM »
Hey TXMom, I see ya'll are in east Texas and me and the family are moving about 20 min. north of Beaumont. The best way to limit visitors if you are not there all the time is a gate and fence off at least the road side. If you plan to have livestock when you move out there permanently you will need the fencing anyway. But, even if you don't get livestock you will want to control foot and vehicle traffic. Good luck on ya'lls place and if your ever near Kountze shoot us an email.

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Re: Securing land
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2010, 09:39:25 PM »
Thanks.  A gate across the drive and a fence on the north side will keep all vehicles out.  One of the first things we'll do.  We've talked about having someone stay on the property on a trailer.  Unless we find the right person, such as one of our kids needing a place, we'll keep the power turned off, and not much on site other than growing plants.  If we leave it empty, I'll get my house on it sooner I bet.   

Livestock later, we are still deciding on that.  Probably smaller livestock. 

Kevin, we're a bit north of you, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.   My daughter was swimming in Conroe couple weeks ago, not quite your area but closer.

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Re: Securing land
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2011, 10:20:43 PM »
It takes infantry to hold land.

That would be somebody on the property, armed and authorized to deal with intruders.

Usually, that's the homeowner.

Other times it's watchman of some sort--live-in, patrol, or whatever. Or a good neighbor.

Once the property is known to be under guard, incursions should pretty much stop.

One good tactic is to hire the neighbor's kids to cut the grass, etc., regularly. If they are profiting from your land, they will keep a close eye on it.

They wouldn't want you to get discouraged and sell out, and so lose out on some really easy income.