Author Topic: Multi-uses for Common Prep Items  (Read 962 times)

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Multi-uses for Common Prep Items
« on: March 09, 2011, 03:50:53 AM »
Hello preople [sic].

I saw the thread below, and really enjoyed it.

I have been wanting to compile a similar list about all the things that we carry on our person, our BOB, our cars, that we keep in our home, etc. I know many uses are obvious, but many things may not be. I have read and gathered a lot so far from reading various threads, but maybe we can consolidate it all in one.

If anyone wants to join in, please add anything you know about your common prep items. From the simple (the inner strands of paracord) to the obscure (using baking soda to put out a kitchen fire???), please let the knowledge flow like the wind. For instance, of course we all know duct tape is the one of the 5th fundamental forces of earth (after strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force and gravity), and that it has a multitude of uses. . .

It is very late right now, so I won't post anything (read: I don't know anything), but I will post as the thread moves along.

Also, Supreme Masters of the Forum Universe, I'm sorry if this topic is already out there somewhere. I am relatively new, and it is too late at night for me to do a seriously deep search. Please just cast me to the wolves, if need be.