Author Topic: Real Life Survival Situation: Girlfriend Comes Dangerously Close to Tornado  (Read 2106 times)

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First off I want start by thanking whatever God that protected my girlfriend from the terrible disaster that overtook much of Alabama today.  The multiple tornadoes that passed through Alabama today claimed many lives and cause immense destruction.  An F4-F5 tornado missed her by only a few BLOCKS.  Luckily all my friends are ok....but the power is out.

With that said I realized while talking with my out of state girlfriend how much I have failed to bring her into the fold.  While we have discussed some of the preps I have been putting together, I've never really pushed her to prepare much herself since she's planning on moving up here this summer. She has flashlights and plenty of batteries, but I did have to give her a hard time for teasing me for buying a rocket stove since she now has no power to cook anything right now. 

While I still don't want to push her too hard, I just ordered her a powerdome so at least she'll have a secondary power source and something to jump her car.

Any other suggestions?



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I am so glad she is okay.

Candles or an oil lamp maybe? With fuel, of course. Matches?

You did say she has a flashlight. Is it one of the headlamp type? If not, get her one of those. Hands free can be a big deal.

Something to cook/heat food with? You mentioned the rocket stove, but I took it that she did not have one.

Maybe some kind of ice chest. (If she can get ice.)

Well, this is obvious, but, can you go to her, or can she come to you?


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Glad to hear it: so many other good folks were not so lucky this week.  Don't forget a hand crank radio: our weather forecasters save lives on a daily basis this time of year.  Just knowing that more tornadic storms are on the way can give her a huge edge in finding shelter in the future if she's in a similar situation.  Powerdome does that, but it might be nice to have something more portable and she could get herself a hand crank radio for $30-$50 that would really do the job.

I've dodged a couple tornadoes by that margin and it isn't comfortable.  Now isn't the time to be a jerk ;)

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Glad she is alright.  That is too close!  Our closest tornado this storm was 7 miles away and smaller.

Tuesday, before the storms hit here, daycares where calling parents to pick their little ones up early as storm was originally going to hit between 4 and 5 and they wanted  people safely home.  Schools canceled after school activities.  Everyone was making sure their cell phones, laptops were well charged.  Flashlights, batteries and water on hand.  Hospitals, emergency clinics where well staffed with extra people, told to expect many injuries, terrible storm coming.  Rumors that storm chasers were in town and that storm was going to be much worse than the night before.   Some people in trailers decided it was a good time to visit friends/relatives with houses, esp if they had a generator.

And we waited, and waited.  Storm wasn't too bad here except for a few minutes when one of our trees split and fell, missing house.  But for all the warnings, etc. It wasn't that bad as they were predicting.  Looking at radar maps, seems we were in a calmer spot with lines of storms above us and below, 30-60 miles south got nasty.  Wednesday storm got much worse as it moved east. 

Some Aprils it seems the tornado sirens are going off every couple of days.   Nothing unusual.  Then when you see your local area taking extra precautions and it blows over, almost a non event except for felled trees and power lines,  one could ask if they went overboard, just being paranoid.  Then I see the damage the same storm created further east and I realize that is what they were expecting and preparing for here.  It could have been us.  They can't predict exactly what a storm will do ahead of time. 

One thing we find handy when power is out is an electric rechargeable lantern, don't keep it on all the time, but handy for things such bathroom lighting etc.   

I'd sent my brother one of those handcrank/solar/ flashlight/radio combos, he said it came in handy first time his power went out.  I also keep one in the glovebox of my car. 

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I'm glad to hear that your girlfriend is alright, bubafat.

Things were very bad in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and a few other states with the line of storms that moved through.

Now is your opportunity to let her know that it is very wise to be prepared. She has witnessed troubles first hand and you might want to strike while the iron is hot so to speak. That doesn't mean you have to hit her head on with the prepper mentality of course, but you could bring up some ideas and let her know that you care and that is the reason for your concern.

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Thanks all for you kind words, encouragement, and suggestions.

Unfortunately I up in Wisconsin with her in Alabama, but thankfully I had, out chance, already planned on coming down this last weekend.  When I got down there on Thursday she still didn't have power, but had candles out and was using them to heat up soup (smart girl). 

The powerdome arrived before I left and not a minute too soon.  She charged it up and brought it to her parents house to help clean up the rubble that was their home.  It such a sad and terrible situation.  While we all have seen pictures or video, it's really hard to fully grasp the situation unless you've experienced it firsthand.

I'm just blessed that all my friends and family stayed safe.