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AAR Tornadoes
« on: May 27, 2011, 04:37:03 PM »
Some good points passed on in the monthly advertising I get from Brownells;

Roy Huntington, Editor of American Handgunner Magazine went through the recent tornado in Joplin, Missouri. He sent an email about being prepared for this kind [and any other kind] of emergency from forest fires, landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes, house fires, floods and all the other unexpected things that come down the road at all of us.

Here are some of the things Roy suggested:

"If you don't have a small generator, you're nuts. Get a 5 KW and a couple of long extension cords. .... even that's only if you have a way to plug your hot water heater in, which most don't. Smarter is to have a simple junction box installed allowing you to switch off from the grid. You then plug your generator right into your home and it powers what you want using the plugs in your house as usual.  Keep a couple of 5 gal plastic gas containers stabilized with "Sea Foam" (works much better than Sta-Bil treatment). Use Premium in the cans since it has no alcohol and is more stable. Every six months, put the gas in your car, and fill the cans again. Pain in the ass? Sorta'. But when the power fails you'll be so damn happy you did it.

"Slime" leak sealant in your tires is important, as the number of nails, sharp metal, jagged glass and worse on the roads was stunning. I saw vehicles with flats everywhere, not counting the thousands of totally destroyed vehicles. I did see cars in trees, and big trees tossed hundreds of yards. We're talking 80 year-old oaks. And every tree in the path was stripped of bark. FEMA says that takes winds at least 160 MPH. Our winds were over 200. So far, we're the sixth deadliest tornado since records were kept, and FEMA says they have never seen this kind of damage from a single tornado.

"I'll bet you don't have water stashed. Joplin lost water. And even now, if you have water, it needs to be boiled and pressure is very low. Do you have a water filter/purifier? In the past there has been much panic, hysteria and a failure to self-rescue much of the time, putting even more strain on public agencies that were expected to make it all better ASAP. Think: Katrina.

"Interestingly, I haven't seen any movie stars making passionate pleas to help Joplin, have you? Or, have you seen or heard any residents here whining? Asking where are the FEMA food trucks? There are none here, by the way, since local community groups handled it and are handling it. I could go on. Nobody here blaming anyone or anything - they are simply fixing it.

"So ... make a grab-it bag (called a "Bug-Out-Bag"): Water (buy the silver "bags" of emergency water), a bit of food, change of clothing, good quality flashlights using standard batteries (and spare batteries). A portable weather radio with AM/FM capability. A cheap, full rain suit, a blue tarp (keeps rain off you, among a hundred other uses), 100 feet of 3/8" nylon cord, good hat, change of shoes, work gloves, sunglasses, water bottle, water purifier device, notebook and Sharpie pen, duct tape and a good first-aid kit. Not just band aids, but Quik-Clot trauma bleeding-stop, thick bandages, etc. Put it all in a big backpack (it will fit) and put a note on it saying when you last checked things in it. You don't want a trunk or box since it takes two to carry it and you can't pack it easily in a car. I know you'll say, "Yeah, that's a good idea" but then won't do it. Even do it on a smaller scale. I'm here to tell you it happens fast. Wake up, there's a fire/flood/earthquake, you dress if you have time, grab your bug-out-bag and you can manage for days if you have to. Oh, make copies of all your important documents and stash 'em in the bug-out-bag. Quick: What's your insurance company's claims number? Birth Certificate? Auto info? Bank info? Wouldn't it be nice to have it all with you?"

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Re: AAR Tornadoes
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2011, 06:58:37 PM »
Nicely done cdnshooter.

Same stuff that everyone here has been saying since long before I joined, but most of us need to hear it again and again.


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Re: AAR Tornadoes
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2011, 03:21:49 PM »
A nurse I work with went down to Joplin with the Red Cross the day after the tornado.  They ended up triaging in a Lowe's parking lot in shacks made of plywood and cardboard. The email she sent back the next day described the chaos, many of her patients had no shoes, no way to brush their teeth, and no way to clean wounds, etc.. We made up a bunch of "kits" for her to hand out with a washcloth, toothpaste and toothbrush, antibiotic gel, and an entertainment item (cards, dominoes, crossword books and the like), all stored in gallon ziplocs. I kept thinking of being stuck in a high school gym with my family and how uncomfortable and depressing that would be. Wish I had thought of ear plugs soone enough to include them - you know that would be a zoo at night.  Makes you think, and hopefully prompts some actoin.