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Self Reliance Expo Thoughts
« on: October 12, 2011, 02:29:48 PM »
After attending the expo last year I did not have any plans on attending this year. Last year the speakers didn't seem to put much effort into their presentations, and the main presenter I wanted to hear didn't show up.

When I heard Fernando and Jack Spirko were attending this year, I decided to give it another shot and am glad that I did. I met with Jack who was seemed like a genuinely nice person. I thanked him for all he has taught me and for the organizing he has done. His wife was a sweetheart and it was an honor to purchase one of his memberships in person. He thanked me for the support and even gave me a nice entrenching tool. We had a conversation I won't mention, except to say that I know he is an honest and good person and really cares about Americans and their freedom.

When Jack's presentation began there about 100 chairs and maybe 10 that were empty. As he continued in his presentation a guy came and sat next to me who looked familiar...Fernando! I shook his hand and was happy to meet him.

He probably wouldn't want me to mention this but I will. The other empty seats in the area filled in and I looked over to see Fernando standing up. He graciously gave his seat to a man who was standing there on crutches. The man had declined, but Fernando insisted and stood up.

These are the people in the "preparedness" movement. They are outstanding people and I don't think there are too many kinder folks out there. Many folks genuinely care about their fellow men and want the best for them.

On to the presentations:

Jack did a great job, but nothing really new if you listen to his program. He was very engaging and really packed in the crowd. There was at least 100+ extra people standing at the end of his presentation. Jack is looking very fit. Based on some of his early videos he has definitely knocked off a X (or maybe 2?) off his L.

Fernando is a man with a clear conscience, a man without guile. He seems genuinely happy. It was interesting to hear him speak, particularly on battering after the collapse as well as security.

It was also neat to see the vendors on hand. Just about everyone who is into food storage was there. Wise Foods still does not taste great and their sales people are relentless. Thrive (Shelf Reliance) had some great stuff and their sales people were cool. I really liked their freeze dried yogurt.

Country Living was not there, was hoping to buy one of their mills at discount like they were last year.


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Re: Self Reliance Expo Thoughts
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 03:10:23 PM »
Thanks for posting. 

I was at the Denver show and unfortuately only had about two hours before I had to leave.  I agree, Jack is a real salt of the earth kinda guy. 

I haven't met Fernando and would have liked to have had the opportunity.  I have a coworker from Argentina and most of her family is still there.  Her stories don't match his very well at all and I'd be curious to try to reconcile some of those differences about what the reality in Argentina really is.  It may just be a matter of what part of town you're in or it could be just a perception difference.  Suffice to say, my coworker visits her parents often and they go about their daily lives without problems.  Of course they have their own survival rule, regarding the wearing of jewelry in public, etc., but life goes on.

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Re: Self Reliance Expo Thoughts
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2011, 05:26:11 PM »
I attended the SLC SR Expo for both days. I did not want to miss out on anything and have plenty of time to talk to everyone.
I got to meet Jack and his wife; Fernando, Dave Duffy and John Silveira of Backwoods, Jeff the Berky Guy and his crew (thank you Jeff!) and Dr. Kyle Christiansen of Western Botanicals.
It was fantastic to get to have dinner with Jack and Fernando sitting right next to me on Friday night! I could not believe I was there! Jack is a great guy in person and it was nice to put a personal face on the man I spent so many hours listening to on my long commutes to and from CA and  UT.

I had a blast! It was great to see some dealers and items than I have never had a chance to see up close before. I had a very hard time with my small budget picking out what stuff to buy. I ended up completing my Backwoods Home anthology collection with the last three editions, Dr. Kyle Christiansen's Herbal First Aid book, 5 reusable glow tubes (very nifty items, my kids were delighted), and some Tatler lids. Wish I could afford the Humless power box stuff. Very nice.

The best deal was on Saturday night. Jeff the Berkey guy hosted what I can only call a giveaway bonanza. He gave out boxes of Berkey sport bottles, books, knives, info cds, food samples, a giant tub of Wise food and a Berkey. Guess who got the Berkey ;) 
Jeff, if you ever read this, I cannot thank you enough for making this humble prepper's day.