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Preparedness, Response & Recovery Activities & Programs
« on: November 23, 2011, 06:08:26 AM »
Enclosed is a link to some good information and links  put  out By or Federal Government!
Preparedness, Response, Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Response
Local Resources
Preparing Your Family
Training & Technical Assistance
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 Preparedness, Response & Recovery Activities & Programs
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Activities and programs listed below include links from this web site and from Department of Homeland Security component agency Web sites.

Preparing Your Family
•Community Preparedness Webinar Series (Citizen Corps)
•Preparedness Planning for Home Health Care Providers
•Citizen Corps (FEMA)
•Preparedness Videos
•more Preparing Your Family »
•National Incident Management System (FEMA)
•National Response Framework and Resource Center (FEMA)
•more Preparedness »
Disaster Response
•Apply for Assistance (FEMA)
•National Situation Update for Emergency Managers (FEMA)
•Federal Disaster Declarations (FEMA)
•more Disaster Response »
Disaster Recovery
•Recovering from Disaster (FEMA)
•Rebuild Smarter and Stronger (FEMA)
•Immediately After a Disaster (FEMA)
•Rebuilding Resources (FEMA)
•more Disaster Recovery »
•Communicating in a Crisis
•Emergency Communications Partnerships
•Communications Unit Leader Training
•more Communications »