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Digital Resources / Digital Makeover
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Besides the regular crap that your phone comes pre-loaded with and your laptop.

Think about this.

Download some good free apps, sure your Phone/Laptop/Tablet may be a brick when it all goes down but it will still work without the network. But none the less, some things will be good for now and later. And with a small solar charger it should be good for power.

I have downloaded apps for my phone and find it an awesome resource. Some of these you get from your app store on your phone, others like the garden layout program I got from CNET aka          Download .com  for my laptop. 

Download apps for canning, recipes, first aid, survival stuff, games, books for the kids. you whatever. Many are free or free to try and others can be purchased. They even have coupon applications, flashlight apps and tons more ideas you can find.

I did find a nice app recently for food in the wild foraging survival stuff. It comes with photos and can give you info like what it's good for eating or medicines and other info about the plants. Some even have pantry apps for inventory though I would make sure you have your phone locked with a password in case you lose it. And ALWAYS   have backups of your stuff.

As always use good security programs, antivirus programs and if you can get an app or program for encryption do so and use best COMSEC (communications equipment security).

The bottom line get it use it, and be careful about protecting it like any other tool. But most important don't just rely on an app learn stuff as you go there is no app for good knowledge. Save your skills because you may not be able to save your software or gadgets.

So make room on that hard drive get rid of the songs you don't want the documents you don't need and the stash of porn   :o  LOL  and download something useful. BTW you have to stay off of face book to learn stuff that's worth knowing. If you don't have enough space get a new hard drive or memory card for more space.

If you can think of it there is probably a free app and or program to use to help you gain knowledge , plan , organize be better prepared.

Use other places like Craigslist to get rain barrels on-line for free or close to it and learn how to set a rain water collection system up on youtube use the digital world while its here and free.

Please leave comments on apps and things you have found useful here or comment on the artical.

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