Author Topic: Bug in or Bug out?  (Read 1426 times)

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Bug in or Bug out?
« on: February 06, 2012, 09:43:32 AM »
Hello all,

What is everyones advice, suggestions, comments, knowledge on the two?

Born in the woods, transfered to the city. Small group, lacking survival skills in the woods.

I dont want to prep for staying in and have to bug out and leave half my ammo and food, but also dont want to plan for bugging out and have to stay in my home with the lack of food and ammo, with the only supplies being for the woods.

Biggest concern would be EMP/solar flare or government take over/martial law.

Thanks all


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Re: Bug in or Bug out?
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2012, 10:39:54 AM »
I suspect you know what's coming, but here it is anyway:  It depends.

If you live on the coast with a home 10' above sea level you'd be pretty crazy to stay if there was a category five hurricane bearing down on you.  If you live in south-central LA and there's a court verdict coming out sometime in the next few days, you'd be pretty crazy to stay.  But if there's a pandemic flu sweeping the country, there are roadblocks everywhere preventing you from moving from county to county, you'd be pretty crazy to leave your home.

We moved to be in a better location for producing our own food, being more isolated from the hazards and crime of the city, but still close enough to drive to work in the city.  I have no intention of bugging out, but if there's a wildland fire heading my way, I'm not going to have much say in the matter.

Bugging out to the woods is rarely the best choice, but electing to go to a friend or family member's home that has distinct advantages over the homes of others can make a lot of sense.  Pre-positioning some of the bulkier items like food, water and ammo could make your evacuation faster and smoother, but still allow you to have enough preps in your home that you'd survive even if you couldn't make it to the other location. 

It's common for folks to look at bugging out as camping or hiding out in the woods, but it's probably more realistic to envision it more like holidays with the relatives where no couch or spare bed is empty and everyone is safe and accounted for.

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Re: Bug in or Bug out?
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2012, 07:25:43 AM »
I think you should first achieve a place to Bug Out to. Every square inch of this planet belongs to someone, and they'll all probably get pretty prickly about refugees in a major crisis. So bugging out without a pre-arranged destination exceeds foolish and closely approximates plumb dumb.

Having arranged a safe(er) destination, I would then try to make plans to allow either BI or BO without a severe penalty either way.

If you're set to BO by car, just make sure everything you need fits in your car--or in a  trailer you can leave packed & ready to go. Or both.

If you lack garage space, you might park an enclosed trailer in your backyard. Taking one tire off and leaving it leaning crookedly is a good way to discourage theft. Putting an ugly old sign on the sides that says "Daddy-Man's Quik-Wash Diaper Service--You Call & We Do It All!--Phone XXX-XXX-XXX" is another.

Use your own phone number, and if you get a call, you'll at least know someone has been eyeballing your trailer. (It would be unkind of me to suggest using your ex's phone how about Dial-A-Prayer instead?)

If you have more than you can move by your best available means of transport, I would suggest that you split your supplies and cache what you can't transport at a place accessible to both your BI & BO locations.

That way you can re-supply from either location, and still not risk losing more than you could move at either location.

No one solution will be best (or even good) for everyone, so expect to make some trade-offs and just strive to keep them reasonable in your circumstances.