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Hiding spot for spare key

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I keep one wired to the frame of my car.  Yes, I'm going to get dirty getting it, but it's not going anywhere and you're not going to find it unless you know exactly where to look. 

I used stainless steel electric fence wire (because it was available), but a garbage bag twist tie should be adequate.

You could get the magnetic holder and then just epoxy it somewhere nobody would need/think to look

 If your truck has a reese hitch, tape a key or glue a key box inside the hitch cover. Mine is a heavy plastic one and it works great for that. Also, depending of course on what you wear, lace a spare key in your shoe lace. I always keep a spare house key in the laces of my work boots, tucked behind the lip about halfway down. (i'm in these boots 99% of the time)

Some of these ideas work great for the older style keys that don't have a chip in them.  Or a remote fob as a part of the key.  While the fob isn't needed, it's a all in one unit.

I'm not sure even where to get replacement keys for my Honda.. then it's a matter of programming it..  :censored:

I don't hide a spare key for my car, but this may be a useful idea. A while back I bought a 'key safe' at the orange big box store. I believe their original use was for real estate agents. Basically it's a small lockable box. There's different versions, some to screw onto a wall, others look like a padlock, and there's one that hooks over a window and held on by rolling up the window. I keep a padlock style locked onto a bar under my seat to keep some emergency cash in. You set the combination to access the inside of the box. Check around the internet to see what's available. I also keep one of these hidden with a set of spare house keys. It's a backup if you loose the key, and if you need someone to go into your house when you're not around just give them the location and combo for the box. You can always change the combo again. There should be plenty of places to put one of these on a car or truck, and even if found you still have to get into the locked box to get at the key.


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