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Hiding spot for spare key

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On a house we use to live in I nailed two finish nails on the back side of a board around our back deck, one above the other.   I hung a spare key on the upper nail so that anyone feeling for the key would find the empty nail and not keep feeling for the nail with the key.   You can do something similar, put an empty key holder with the lid partly open and another above it with the key.

A door key will fit in the hollow space behind some types of 3D house numbers. You might have to grind down the head of the key a bit.

You can also find a large mud-dauber's nest somewhere, hollow out the back of it and glue in a magnet. Insert a key, nail a washer to a nearby rafter, and set the magnetic nest realistically in place. You could even glue on a few dead 'daubers--I see them on dead nests all the time.

A car key can be taped inside a tail-light lens, out of sight & mind, but accessible with just a Phillips screwdriver. Or a rock, if time is of the essence.

How about those aerodynamic rear-view mirrors? A clever person should be able to find a way to stash a key inside one.

You can stash all kinds of goodies inside a receiver. Secure it with a locked lynchpin--but rig the lock to open with just a very strong pull. Use a magician's lock, or make your own.

How about just wiring a flat "trailer plug" into your electric trunk release? Push a "U" of bent paperclip or a scrap of conveniently stashed baling wire into the two correct holes to complete the circuit and Mr. Trunk pops right open...



If you have vinyl siding with a cement or block foundation on your house you can stash a house key in the cavity at the bottom of the vertical L pieces on the corners of your house where it meets your foundation.    Just place the key up in there with some gorrilla tape or good quality duct tape. 

PS.  I have the cavities in the corners stuffed with steel wool to keep critters out.   I had field mice in my house and I'm pretty sure that's how they were getting in.     

I found a cool thing, It works well for me if I am going for a run or hike or something where I don't want to carry a lot of stuff with me. Basically it turns your hitch into a small vault for valuables when your not around.  I got it many years ago locally but their website is

I have a friend who puts an extra key in the fancy rubber/leather cover case for his smart phone.


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