Author Topic: Problem installing QD sling swivel mounts on a Ruger 10/22, synthetic stock  (Read 4487 times)

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Hey all.

I recently got a stock Ruger 10/22, and an Uncle Mike's quick detach sling swivel kit for a generic rifle, since I wanted to keep the rifle-band available for other attachments, like a flashlight, pointer, etc.

I followed the directions with the sole exception of counter-sinking to sink the screw below the barrel channel in the forward end of the stock, since there is already a hollowed out space below the barrel channel.  The attachment points used wood screw for the butt, and machine screw for the forward stock.  Both holes were tight, and I even had to rotate the forward machine screw to get it through the forward hole.  I used E600 for the butt end, and metal loctite for the machine screw in the forward end.  I only had about 8 hours for each to cure before first use.

At the beginning, both held up solid as I could imagine, but now both have started to come a bit loose.  The rear one rotated out far enough to see some of the threads, and the forward swivel attachment point is rotating back and forth loosely.  I think the epoxy and loctite have come loose.

Any advice on what to do to fix this issue?

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I didn't see any replies to this post and wondered if you've solved your problem yet.  If you haven't, I'd ask whether you can post pictures of the two screws (the forward with inside and outside).  Hope to hear back!
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Any advice on what to do to fix this issue?

Since this thread resurfaced, might as well post how I got mine to hang together: gorilla glue.

For the back swivel I drilled a hole just smaller than the screw and squirted in a gob of gorilla glue before screwing it in.  Then I propped it upright overnight, so that the bulk of the glue would stay around the end of the screw.  It's solid.

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For the fore-end sling attachment on my 10/22, I bought an aftermarket barrel band for it that had a sling swivel attached.   Available at gun stores.

I would epoxy the stock end swivel.