Author Topic: Help me layout my garden  (Read 1562 times)

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Help me layout my garden
« on: March 14, 2009, 01:15:58 PM »
We have had a garden the last 3 years, but this year I am getting serious.  Our garden has grown and currently sits at 30' x 75'.  I just learned about the whole raised beds thing, so plan to give that a try this year.  I plan to make my beds about 4x12 with ~2' rows between everything.  With the size of my plot and that gives me room for about 24 slots.  Here's the layout I have dreamed up for all of the things I plan to grow this year:

Two questions:

1 - I was hoping to get away with only a few (lets say 6) raised beds.  Taking away the tomatoes (in cages in the ground) and corn, that means 14 of the beds will be piled rather than supported (as described in the Vegetable Gardeners Bible).  Which would do the absolute best in the supported (deeper) beds as compared to the piled beds?
2 - Does the layout look reasonable?  Anything I should move around?

Thanks...and wish me luck!

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Re: Help me layout my garden
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 01:51:23 PM »
Looks good to me.

Only suggestions I can offer since I'm a newbie gardener are these.  The peas and the lettuce will not use those beds the whole season since they are both early season plants.  You could probably plant the lettuce and the winter squash in the same bed.  By the time the lettuce is finished, the squash will be well established and ready to really take off.

Also, mix in some flowers, they will help bring in the pollinators and some of them will help keep away some pests.  Marigolds are good for that.  Also, do a little research on companion planting.  Plant some beans and squash in with that corn and they will help each other out.  That's the 3 sister's garden.