Author Topic: Taking Skills for Granted (or, how Chem is a dummy)  (Read 1000 times)

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Taking Skills for Granted (or, how Chem is a dummy)
« on: October 23, 2012, 08:24:11 PM »
Taking skills for granted

I am an Eagle Scout.  Most of my friends in school were in Scouts or JROTC. Even my first girlfriend in High School was the daughter of a firefighter.  I am now in the Army and most of my friends are military affiliated in some fashion.  So I made assumptions about what people know.  After all, everyone knows that stuff right?

I was stunned a few weeks ago, to learn my wife does not even know the Heimlich maneuver.    I have been married for over a decade and have been working on getting my wife to the latest high level firearms course and she doesn’t know 1st all!  This is completely my fault, I never asked.  I always make sure the babysitter is CPR and 1st aid trained, but never asked her and never did refresher training at home, I got that at the office. 

Never make assumptions about what people know.  Basic 1st Aid is now on my agenda for the wife.  She will get the Boy Scout basics from me within the next few weeks and Red Cross CPR and 1st aid in the next 6 months.

You know, Special Forces (SF) Operational Detachment Alphas (ODAs) who are considered high speed low drag elite types, frequently do Small Unit Tactics (SUT), Military Occupational Specialty  cross training within the ODA and CMMS (their version of basic marksmanship, which isn’t so basic).  They are well trained on all these things already, but they stay focused on these basics and revisit them often.  Not just till it’s a part of them.  They never stop working on the basics.

Back to work for the Chemsoldier, stop dreaming of generators and chicken tractors and share knowledge with your family and work on the basics!

For everyone else...ask.  You will feel like a bigger dumbass if you dont.

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Re: Taking Skills for Granted (or, how Chem is a dummy)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 10:53:51 PM »
Whip out the smart book, and drill CSTT, buddy!  Like any 'ole Private...