Author Topic: Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner  (Read 2514 times)

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Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner
« on: November 09, 2012, 03:48:57 PM »
I got my SIRT laser pistol a couple days ago.  I ordered the bright green Zombie model with the green and red lasers and an extra magazine.

I got the green laser model so I could use it outside at some longer distances and to easily differentiate between the trigger prep laser and the shot indicating laser.  The red laser is pretty bright at indoor distances. 

Aiming through a window in my house I can clearly illuminate a tree 50 feet away with both the red and green lasers.  My yard is treed and shaded. 

With the Zombie special model and the TSP Member Support Brigade discount it was actually a pretty good deal.  I'll be saving some money on ammo now as well as getting some useful training in non-traditional areas like my living room and back yard!

My girlfriend is interested in it as well.  I'll be able to use it to get her some trigger time without that pesky noise. 

It's pretty clear if your trigger mechanics are off when you use it.  Also, if you prep the trigger between different targets you see the red laser sweep the room.

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Re: Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2013, 09:19:32 PM »
I have been looking at these.  Do you think they are, or could be, a good training device for handgun classes.  Would like to hear some feed back on your opinions of this product.


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Re: Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2013, 09:01:23 PM »
Yes, I think they're a good place to start training novices in pistol shooting.  I presume the same would be true of the SIRT AR bolt.  Of course, the slide doesn't move and there's no recoil but it gives a good platform to start sight alignment, trigger control, and mag changes.  There's a built in safety factor in teaching with it, absolutely no way it could be loaded.   

It's also very good for training drawing from the holster.  I've combined it with a shot timer set to par time for my draw and first shot, now I need to do other drills that involve multiple targets.  The take up laser clearly shows if you're applying pressure during transitions, which of course you shouldn't.  Immediate feedback.

A Swat Team appears to be using them during Crossfit workouts to simulate strenuous activity before a shoot.  Sort of like Biathlon in the gym.  Get your heart rate up and breathing cranked way up and then shoot your course of fire. 

Go to the website and see the training videos he's posted.  They're pretty handy.

One thing that I've noticed is that some people I've shown it to have been using the red take up laser for aiming.  It's deliberately offset so it doesn't work for that.  It only shows when pressure is applied to the trigger.  One must still use the sights properly and not get in the habit of just flashing the laser at the target. 

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Re: Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2013, 05:08:59 AM »
Just got mine yesterday. I went with the SIRT Performer PRO 110.  I have not used it much yet. First impressions are that it is solid and certainly does not feel like a toy. I've also got a Laserlyte Laser Trainer that inserts into normal weapon.  Each of these approaches has some value. I don't think one should discount the added safety of a dedicated training weapon. I think many of us scoff when someone has an accidental discharge and think it could never happen to us and it probably won't but I still enjoy one extra link in the safety chain.  I would recommend (and I've already spoken to my kids about it - recommend others do too) that you still treat the SIRT like a real weapon as the look is close enough that the last thing one wants is to end up with some negative reinforcement with safety habits.

The trigger break may be a little less realistic than I had hoped however since a lot of my dry fire training in the past has been with SA/DA weapons and often without re-cocking, I am probably a little 'off' with respect to comparison with thinks like glock triggers. I do shoot quite a bit with striker fired  (XDM) but because of the re-cock need I can't remember the last time I actually dry fired with it.  So, I'll do some more comparisons with a few other triggers in and perhaps look into if I should adjust the SIRT trigger or not and let people know what i see.

As for the question about whether this would be a good item to have for a class... I think so and my wife will be teaching a mini-class this weekend and I'll report feedback from it.

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Re: Happy New SIRT (Laser Training Pistol) Owner
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2013, 04:44:41 PM »
Just finished the "SIRTification Course" with Mike Hughes.  Spent a day learning the system, seeing techniques and methods, then the 'armorers' portion where we learned to change batteries and adjust the trigger.

Well worth the time and effort.  I can see this as a great tool to work on sight alignment and trigger press.  I've bought several for my basic class.  Mike worked with Rob Pincus/Personal Defense Network on a DVD titled, "Extreme Shooting Skill Development" which does a great job of showing many applications of the SIRT pistol. Topics covered:   Shooting Mechanics: Grip, Shooting Mechanics: Trigger Control, Classic Shooting Fundamenals, ive Fire Practice: Random Drill, Laser training Integration: Sight Alignment/Sight Picture, Laser Trainer Integration: Trigger Control, Off-Range Dry Fire Training Session, Dry Fire Presentation from Your holster & reloads, and NLT Rapid Shot Drill.

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