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Readi Mask
« on: November 23, 2012, 01:34:26 AM »
Steven Harris sent me a link for this. Others of you may have heard of seen or even own there, but it seems like such a cool product I had to share it with you guys.
Watch the video. I can tell you from having the law enforcement training level exposure to oc myself (for training, not for being a creep), this is a good barrier, perhaps not 100%, but for its size, ease of use and cost and versatilty, its close enough. There will be some of these going into my bob real soon. I don't know about the fog proofness, I can fog up air just because I'm a large moist body, so I will test these and let you know how it works out. I haven't found a glass, plastic, or any other goggle material or treatment that didn't fog pretty soon after me putting it on. That's the only thing I am hesitant about, but its something that can be worked around. Another good product recommendation from Mr. Harris.
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