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Earthquake Kit ideas
« on: July 22, 2013, 01:58:07 AM »
hi all!

I have started the assembly of a small few-day Earthquake kit to supplement my BOB and extended BOB kit.
I am assuming that my house will either be unhatitable (rare occasion) or temporarily unavailable (to wait aftershocks out or wait for statics inspection)
the peculiarities of my case:
- larger stores and equipment are stored off-home, ergo the necessary camp-out provisions are not readily available
- relief shelters/operations in Greece are not organized and are not formal, so assume nothing like the FEMA "prison" camps.

The idea is to have a few 3rd-7th day supplies at hand (1st-3rd day are covered by the BOB). Then use the car as a temporary shelter untill relief becomes available.
I have placed a lot of emphasis on hygiene.

So here are my first items:

Extra Toilet paper
Wet Wipes
Spare construction masks & work gloves
DIY (coffee can) Wood Stove
3lit water (running water is easy in my area, the town is crossed by clear water stream)
Canned food
Nylon sheeting
Spare batteries
Stanley Fubar
Storage Bin (works as clothes washing tub too)

other (lesser) possibles like radio, FAK, water filter etc are already covered by the BOB.
What other gear would you suggest? (i.e like a small cookpot?)
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Re: Earthquake Kit ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2013, 06:43:31 AM »
If you're planning on digging through debris you may want to consider safety glasses & goggles, hard hat (with chin strap), and knee pads.  That stuff can be quite rough on the body!  Also, a headlamp would be helpful for hands free light while working.

May want to consider upping the amount of water you have so you don't need to go through the hassle of treating it right away.  3 liters can go quite quickly.  I live in a very wet area and keep 6 liters in my car all the time.

I'd add the cookpot & basic utensils (& can opener) to go with the stove as well. 

You've got a good thing going.  I'm also in earthquake country and it's one of the primary concerns I have.  I keep a good, but lightweight GHB in my car including a jacket and sturdy shoes because I cross about 10 bridges to get home from work!  In a major quake I don't have confidence that I'll be able to drive home.