Author Topic: Shed and outbuilding locks and security  (Read 5580 times)

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Shed and outbuilding locks and security
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:40:13 AM »
We had a burglary a couple of years ago, where scumbags broke in to our storage sheds and stole our mountain bikes.

Sorry if I'm all over the place on this, but I wanted to provide testimony to the effectiveness of these locks, and get some (hopefully useful) information posted before I procrastinate any further:

Notice the pry-bar marks between the locks.  Previously-mentioned scumbag came back for more, just a couple of weeks later... before I added the second lock.  The single lock was enough to deter, but I added the second one as an "I'm pissed - F@&#you!" statement.  No one has been back since.

While these locks are pickable in their stock configuration (as a locksmith friend of mine showed me with hand picks), the barrels can be re-pinned to be more pick-resistant.

Tip:  I bought 4 of these at Home Depot.  I dug through all of the sets on the shelf, got matching serial #s, and found 3 that were keyed alike.  You can order matching barrels that are keyed-alike, but the cost can add up quickly.  Might be better to buy several unmatched sets, take them to a locksmith, and get them re-pinned with pick-resistant pins anyway.

The bottom line:  I really like these locks.  They are tough, heavy, and they really make a statement... like "I'm serious.  Go ahead.  And if you get past this, you won't like what's waiting for you on the other side of this door."  (no, nothing that is going get me sued)

This is the type of lock that I originally had on the shed, that scumbag's prybar easily and quietly bypassed... while we were home and asleep, BTW.

Also, we had (still have) motion lights on each end of the shed.  They are about eleven feet up, on each end of the shed, one pair over the door shown above.  I figured out about a week after the second attempt, that all of the bulbs were unscrewed just enough for them to not kick on.  Keep that rolling around in your skull.

I have more details, but I'll have to post back later.