Author Topic: Applying "The Tipping Point" book to the current situation.  (Read 12780 times)

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Re: Applying "The Tipping Point" book to the current situation.
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About the most overwhelming, horrifying example of sudden SHTF that comes to mind was the political change in Germany in the early 30’s.  The climate for
change was there: economic desperation, crushing war reparations payments, overwhelming national debt, social disintegration.  The proponents were there: brownshirt Nazi fanatics, along with several other small activist political parties.  And the sticky messages were there, starting with and layered onto the “stab in the back” meme from the end of WWI (here’s the Wikipedia article on that one:  If you want to review a history of the whole sickening mess, the BBC documented it in the mini-series “The Nazis: A Warning from History” (  Netflx and Amazon both keep the disks.

The above is correct. 

If you want to see how quickly and horribly government can turn against any hated group du jour who are otherwise law abiding, tax paying and very productive citizens, you MUST read Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, published around 1960.  Well worth the money.  And it is beginning to happen in the USA.