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basic bug out list ...
« on: October 01, 2008, 07:13:23 PM »
I just wrote up this basic survival list (not including dried food), for a bug out situation.

 I have an excellent bivy sack that is breathable gortex made by outdoor research, it's kind of expensive and a bit claustrophobic to sleep in, but it is very tiny, weighs less than a pound I think, and is very waterproof even in a downpour. You put your sleeping bag inside and just crawl into it.

If I could get most of this stuff in a large pack, I think I could travel on foot for many miles, even in winter and travel far across the country. I don't think it would be a picknick or even that that much fun, but it seems like a doeable way to escape to someplace. I don't really have any land, I mostly like to camp and I don't always camp in the same place, or some places I like to camp might not be the best survival location either, but I don't have a definite place where I would want to buy land, though my sister lives in Idaho and has land there.



 several pair outdoor socks
 gortext hiking boots
 2 or 3 polypropelan or mesh style T shirts that wick and dry fast
 1 or 2 similar long sleeve shirts
 fleece sweater
 fleece jacket
 water resistant soft shell jacket (outer shell)
 4 pair mesh underwear
 2 pair black fleece underwear that can be worn as sweat pants
 warm hat
 fleece gloves

good to have:
 ibex wool sweat pants (these are great, breathable & wind resitant)
 ibex wool underwear
 gortex sneakers or extra footwear

winter survival:
 wet suit
 thick neoprene socks or booties
 thin neoprene socks (wear inside of shoes)
 neoprene gloves
 warm mittens
 ski mask
 wool sweater
 heavy socks


 strong nylon twine
 several sea bags (sea to summit company makes awesome super light totally waterproof stuff sacks, you can even submerge them in water)
 light or medium wight down sleeping bag with water proof sea bag stuff sack
 ultra light air core or thermarest mattress and repair kit
 small tarp
 ultra light tent or bivy sack
 small pan for general purpose cooking
 plenty of lighters & matches
 small amount of cooking oil
 candle lantern & extra candles
 petzl head lamp(s) & batteries
 silver ware
 zip lock bags
 water bottle
 water purification tablets
 wide bowl that can also serve as a plate
 scrubing pads
 toilet paper
 hand disenfectanct
 first aid kit, - band aids & antiboitics
 ultra light towel
 wash cloth

 mosquito netting

 extra spare ultra light matress
 backpacking stove
 water filter

 10 pound test monofilament fishing line
 fishing hooks

 wet flies (fly fishing) or lures

 hatched with wooden handle and iron head
 sven folding saw
 small jack knife
 compass with glow in the dark markings

 iron axe head


 bow & arrows.
 details on how to make arrows (or partialy memorized)
 decent knife, folding lockblade or similar

 20 gauge single shot gun with buckshot, slugs and birdshot
 gun cleaning kit
 night vision gogles


 small basic map of United States or region ..
 important phone numbers, addresses, emails etc
 gold or silver coins
 reading glasses
 waterproof cases
 pocket bible


 IPod & charger
 various small books


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Re: basic bug out list ...
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2009, 07:00:21 PM »
Fantastic list.