Author Topic: Why did you become a Ham? (Please Read the OP before posting)  (Read 1329 times)

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Wait!  Don't type...instead call Phone Number: 206-415-3809 and leave your reply there!

As I've hinted around, I'm starting up a Ham Radio Podcast and would like some input from my potential audience.

The above number connects you to a blind voice mail system that will allow you to leave me a message regarding why you became a ham (or want to become one).  The system will fwd the file via email for me to possibly air on the show.  G-rated replies are preferred!  Once your message is complete, make sure to press the # key to send.

If you are not interested in participating, please disregard!

Many Thanks!
SCW/ Fo Time, the Other Ham Radio Podcast

ETA: Actual Podcast Launch Announcement coming soon!