Author Topic: A better antenna for your UV5R Handy Radio  (Read 1646 times)

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A better antenna for your UV5R Handy Radio
« on: February 22, 2015, 05:13:30 PM »
You got your HAM radio and discovered that you can't talk around the world....
there is just not that much difference between Ham radio and MURS,FRS,GMRS radios..
small,5 to 7 mile OPTIMUM RANGE unless you do things to make it better.

Hold the radio VERTICAL and speak clearly
Get as high a spot as you can to transmit
POOR performance from inside an auto or structure
POOR performance when in thick or wet vegetation
POOR performance when in a valley,you can't transmit through earth
Handy Radios are built for 20% duty cycle ,Talk 10 seconds...wait a minute before talking again (they will over-heat)
When the radio gets warm,stop talking and let it cool off
You can get a better portable ,mobile,or base antenna

Below are two links to tests and you can pick the best antenna for your needs

The HT is HANDY but not always the best choice for prepper/emergency/or longer expected range work...but it is a small handy size that is easy to carry when on foot or public transportation. It works well for users,once their limitations are understood.

The mobile radio provides more power,better cooling, a better antenna efficiency(most important) and is powered by the auto battery or,at home,a power supply with an even better antenna height and coverage.

I have been asked for VHF/UHF antenna designs that others can build and I offered the BIG STICK as one that can be built without SWR meters of antenna analyzers ...but measurements are CRITICAL and must be carefully done because while a few inches short or long on an 80 meter (3.5 MHZ) 120 foot long dipole are not a big problem...1/16 of an inch mistake in measurement of a VHF/UHF antenna (typical 19 inches) can very likely cause poor performance or damage to a radio!!!

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Re: A better antenna for your UV5R Handy Radio
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2015, 09:27:48 AM »
Good info thanks