Author Topic: 13 Colonies Special Event INDEPENDENCE WEEK 30 JUNE - 5 JULY, 2015 CT-DE-GA-  (Read 1497 times)

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Here is a activity my local club sent out a notice on! These are great ways for new hams to gain experience before SHF or teotwawki! ENJOY!

The annual Independence Day week “13 Colonies Special Event” ( gets under way June 30 at 1300 UTC and will continue until July 5 at 0400 UTC. The theme for the 2015 event is “Founders and Patriots of the Republic.” The object is for operators to contact 1 × 1 call sign special event stations in each of the 13 British colonies that became the US in 1776. The contact count for last year’s event was nearly 109,000. Certificates and endorsements will be available for working the 13 colonies stations, with a sticker for contacting all 13 and an endorsement for contacting WM3PEN in Philadelphia, where independence was declared in 1776. Those working WM3PEN will have a Liberty Bell added to their 13 Colonies certificates.


The stations on the air this year will be

·         K2A in New York

·         K2B in Virginia

·         K2C in Rhode Island

·         K2D in Connecticut

·         K2E in Delaware

·         K2F in Maryland

·         K2G in Georgia

·         K2H in Massachusetts

·         K2I in New Jersey

·         K2J in North Carolina

·         K2K in New Hampshire

·         K2L in South Carolina

·         K2M in Pennsylvania

In addition to WM3PEN, UK special event station GB13COL will operate from Durham, England, with members of the Durham and District Amateur Radio Society participating.

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Cool, thanks.