Author Topic: I tried a low cost long term PROTEIN that does not suck  (Read 185 times)

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I tried a low cost long term PROTEIN that does not suck
« on: September 15, 2017, 04:04:44 PM »
  I found a meat substitute that I find acceptable in soups and in a favorite fast roll-up tortilla as a quick meal.
It is a veg based CHICKEN substitute and as most long term and freeze dried foods ...the spice you add can make or break the flavor of a meal.
I found the food quite good when used in another mix called Vegetable soup  that I will also add a link to below.

I added water and let the meat substitute reconstitute to a meat-like particles and used some with an ,
also freeze dried mix of BELL PEPPER ,BANANA PEPPER,and ONION BITS and as the grill was hot combined the MEAT REPLACEMENT with the peppers/onion mix to the grill with butter powder and let it cook together till medium browned as the butter powder joined with the excess moistures and coated the goods well.

The tortillas were made minutes before (while the others stuff sat in water) with a bit of coconut oil as it was handy.
The rest was dumped together for the 'chicken'and vegetable soup and I added butter powder and some Louisiana Hot Sauce
and a little WOOD SMOKE BARBEQUE rub I had on hand (also added to the tortilla roll-up mix) HEY add spices you like on chicken even LEMON PEPPER is good at times for variety.

Roll-ups tasted great and even dog ate some where she nor I enjoyed the reconstituted chicken substitute before it was browned and spiced as it was kind of taste and texture like slimey rice . BROWNING foods with added spices really makes a difference here as I made use of a really LOW COST PROTEIN WITH TEN YEAR STORAGE.





BANANA PEPPERS were from my 'hand tossed garden' on the roof of the BOL.
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