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« on: May 01, 2019, 07:27:10 AM »
I guess it's a spin on the "war on cash", but it's different than a previous thread.  Not so much focused on the tracking of cash, but on the convergence of tech/cash and enabling more consumerism.

the Apple Card is only the latest example of how our spending is changing. Money and technology have been holding hands on the park bench for years, just itching to get closer.

What Apple is really doing is, as Kapadia says, upending the user experience.

The article goes on to show a "gamification" of spending/consuming through cash back and "attaboy" notices to make the consumer feel good.

Imagine, too, how all of these consumer conveniences might overshadow our suspicions about handing over the finer details of our financial lives to Big Tech. Apple says it won’t snoop on your spending, and that’s nice. But that’s not to say that the next company to issue a credit card—Google, or Facebook—won’t sell your monthly statement to the highest bidder. Data is the new money, but also, money is data.

I wish I had a Wired subscription...  They have a series of articles on tech trends in economics and consumer spending/marketing.  But alas, only a few free articles a month.