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Angles, Hustlers And Suckers; useful knowledge
« on: September 09, 2009, 01:04:39 PM »
Here's an article I ran across on Robert Greene's blog that bears repeating and applying to personal survival.

It reminded me how much survival and success can depend on not being the 'sucker' or 'played' by the use of artful psychology and approach.


Angles, Hustlers And Suckers

I forgot something important that you must remember until you go six feet under.... There are only two kinds of people in the whole wide world, grifters and suckers.... [With suckers,] let their stupid brains stay asleep in their chump world. Keep your own brain honed to razor sharpness in the secret world of con. --Iceberg Slim

(please click link for full article - post was edited by Alpha Mike, in accordance with DMCA rules and regulations)

You must keep raising this game to higher and higher levels, as on the pool table--mastering eventually the psychological angles. Your playing is a pleasure, all the way to the end, to death, when the game is over.
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