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Please help discuss this topic and help us all harden our homes and bug outs not our hearts!
I am going to be throwing links and ideas on how people might get things moving after EMP many times here. There are similar threads but this one can be found through google searches by newcomers concerned with this topic as I am. I first heard about this threat on the "For the people" show with Chuck Harder in 2002 and have been changed as have you ever since 9/11.

Please post and or respond to any and all ideas posted here. This is how I prepared long ago and am still learning from the rest of you. Thank you Jack for maintaining intelligence and using it to help others. 

I have just read One Second After and it was very disturbing. I suggest giving this out as x-mas gifts.
If lights out is in print please post a link here or print that in booklet for relatives. Things might be that bad after an attack in the east as Kudzu is a wild edible that contains protein and can be canned or stored in powder form. Still it will be the death of millions and I don't want that many people caught off guard.

Here are ideas I practice.  I suggest anything home built or the Jap engine kits. The Honda's are also good kits. If you are travelling hundreds of miles the "folding bike" can also sport the Jap Robin engine kits. Also chain or belt drives WILL work in the rain or snow as others will not so well. Triple think tubes and pants belts/thick rubber or rubber backed feet wipe carpets in stores cut in long strips to prevent tire puncture by glass or whatever. It works so good I hardly ever change tubes. I change tires though with the current drive (friction) I own.
briggs and stratton bike powered bicycle bike

I also save the old 12 volt scooters from the junk yard as the 24v motors work fine in pairs as a rear wheel drive system for short distance travels of less than a mile.

Wrap all od your electronics inside foil copper is best I read somewhere or 3 or more layers of aluminum. I think personally several times would be best and I also store them in those old throw away Christmas popcorn steel tins.

So far I have this
Gas tillers
very old electric generators? Any thoughts there?
Old cars that use points?
I have also thought of dog sledding using bike wheels but have yet the pooches to try it and the harnesses to attatch to them. That would be fun!!
I have heard that old tube stuff (radios, CB's, TV's, guitar amps, etc.)
How many of these gadgets would work on the youtube site GREENPOWERSCIENCE to charge batteries as all one needs is a 12 volt electronics stash? Would solar panels survive?
I will try and find a vertical shaft driven motorized bike running a 3.5 briggs vertical shaft that rubs on the side of the wheel with say a rollerskate wheel jammed on the shaft.
What makes a faraday cage work? How does one make a cheap faraday cage?

OK that's all I have for the moment. I'll be back!

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Go to the board 'Do it Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How to", second page, about a quarter of the way down to the thread 'Question - Faraday Cage'.  This is a leanthy discussion of what EMP is and is not, as well as how to protect against it.  Lots of good info from people well schooled on the topic.

What I took away from all this is that an EMP event will fry anything connected to the grid (and the grid itself), while anything not connected will generally be OK.  This is a broad, general statement about a very complex subject and I'm sure there are exceptions.  Nonetheless, when I upgrade to a larger, whole-house back-up generator, I plan to forego the automatic transfer switch option and retain the manual transfer switch I now employ with my portable generator.